About Us

Welcome to MEUHEDET International

Meuhedet was established in 1974 following the merger of Amamit and Merkazit health-care providers. Amamit was founded by Hadassah for the Farmers Federation and the National Farmers Association in 1931, to provide medical services for the collective agricultural labor settlements. Merkazit was founded by the General Workers Organization in 1936, to provide medical services for both salaried workers and the self-employed living in Israeli towns, and later to professionals as well.
Meuhedet is currently the third largest health-care provider in Israel, and plans are underway to increase its membership base. In public opinion polls comparing Israel’s various health funds, Meuhedet consistently comes out on top for member satisfaction, due to its emphasis on quality service and the professionalism of its physicians.
Meuhedet enjoys the highest membership growth rate of any Israeli health-care provider, currently serving over one million members.