• How do I subscribe to Meuhedet International?

    3 simple steps. It’s quick and easy.
    1. Enter your contact details on the Signup Page , and we will send you an email with a link to the Registration Form and plan options.
    2. Fill out the Registration form, choose your plan and submit it.
    3. You will receive your Welcome Package and Meuhedet Insurance ID in the mail within 5-10 business days.

  • Am I paying full price or are these plans part government subsidized?

    You actually pay a very small percentage. The bulk of the cost for insurance is funded by the Israeli government. They do this to attract students and tourists to come visit and to consider living in Israel permanently.

  • Are there any other services to take advantage of, such as gyms, nutrition etc.?

    We will soon be offering free admission to certain gyms and pools in and around the Jerusalem for “Best Care” members.

  • Other than the monthly fee, are there any additional costs?

    There is a one-time $65 activation fee. There are no other additional charges.

  • Can I upgrade or downgrade between plans?

    Yes! However, there is a fee to downgrade.

  • Do you offer family/group plans?

    Yes! Call us for special pricing on family and group plans.

  • Does MI cover everything, or is there a co-pay?

    Generally, everything is covered, however, it varies from plan to plan and it depends on which service. For an exact list of services provided under each plan please visit this link.

  • Does MI cover medications?

    Yes! However, if you are only covered with “Fine care”, you may pay a small percent (15%).

  • After applying, how long does it take to get approved?

    Between 2-5 business days. (It can take longer during Israeli holidays.)

  • How do I receive my insurance ID card?

    Once subscribed, we will mail your ID cards to the address provided in Israel or elsewhere, within 5-10 business days.

  • What if there is a problem with my insurance while I’m sick?

    Contact our customer service ASAP and we will resolve the issue.

  • Who requires coverage?

    Anyone visiting for 3 months or more is advised to get insured.

  • What happens when I no longer need my Meuhedet Insurance plan?

    Give our customer service a call. We will close your policy that same day or on any day you choose.

  • What plans do you offer?

    Meuhedet International (MI) offers 3 plans. The first is “Fine Care” which covers all the basics as well as some non-basics. Next, there’s “Special Care” which covers significantly more. Finally, we have our “Best Care” plan which covers all basic and non-basic coverages, as well as certain bonuses. In addition, “Best Care” clients receive priority service, such as the right to choose from any doctor on duty, and the right to a second opinion. Finally, “Best Care” clients will soon be receiving free admission to several gyms and pools in and around Jerusalem! For an exact list of services offered for each plan please visit this link

  • Are there any cheaper ways to get Insurance in Israel?

    Yes. You can pay for travel insurance. However, Meuhedet International (MI) has proven to be the most affordable insurance for foreign citizens.

  • Why am I not insured by my current (local) insurance provider?

    The most that insurance companies like Blue Cross etc. cover is 30 days when out of the country. They also do not cover everything.

  • Why not just use travel insurance?

    Among other reasons…
    1) With MI there’s no requirement to lay out money or to save your receipts and mail them in. All you need to do is walk in and show your insurance ID.
    2) MI covers a much wider range of services and medications than any other leading travel insurance.

  • What is and isn’t covered?

    It depends on the plan. For an exact list of services provided for each plan, visit this link

  • How do I use Meuhedet insurance?

    Simply walk into any one of over 250 Meuhedet ((מאוחדת clinics with your insurance ID card. To find a clinic or doctor in your area, checkout our Services Page.